Vessel Talk


Advancing further in our ministry we feel urge to bring forth a live event  discussing things of the vessel and our recent event dealing with the word of GOD.
9:30 am central Time/10:30 Periscope:

The Body Soul and Spirit are our major pieces that God created us to have. He desires the union ship of all of them to flow through us as his vessels hence the reason why we call it vessel talk.  Vessel talk will be more about life events also pertaining to the world and what is going on to the entirety of the world and the vessels within the world. Vessel talk will be also a live event where if we were to do Street Ministry and worship Ministry that we are feeling called to do we are than able to upload to our ministry page and therefore you were able to follow the amazing reports that God will be doing throughout Ministry we pray that this encourages you yet also we want you to follow and bring more discussions and topics about the vessel and what we are called to do. We believe everyone has an anointing everyone has a calling and everyone has a purpose however we know that things can hinder the vessel in our lives.  Our main project is to reach into the hearts of as many people as we can discussing the vessel that has been built to carry the word of God and the anointing of his power. We hope that that’s all talk would become a set date and time where we could all come together with questions praise reports worship Ministry and teaching in days to come. We encourage you and thank you for following in advance God bless you. GOD HEAD DISCIPLE MINISTRY© Vessel Talk & Our Ministry Youtube Channel