Ten ways to Love



10 Ways To Love – Intro

This is a new series that is a huge reminder for not only couples or marriages, but also family members and friends. It is most important in the Church congregations. The Body of Christ seems to be in a huge battle with love. After all we are called To Love.

So in this series we will be going over 10 key points of How To Love and taking 10 major defects from the flesh that, as I have found, all human beings seem to do. We will be covering:

*Listening Without Interrupting. Understanding what real patience is all about.

*Speaking Without Accusing. Comprehending on a wider view and removing negative thought patterns.

*Give Without Sparing. Embracing the “no limits zone” and giving your 100%. We often think we are, but find that we are not if we simply ask our friends, partner, or co-workers.

*Pray Without Ceasing. Prayer life with God alone is VITAL. If we are in a relationship it is even key, for without it everything ceases to remain smooth.

*Answer Without Arguing. Our Speech can be vital to how all things work out in situations. In fact taming our tongue is impossible but learning not to be hostile is possible.

*Share Without Pretending. We always tend to enjoy memories and stories that can kindle a friendship or even stir romance, but with lies and pretending it can cause unforeseen eternal damage.

*Enjoy Without Complaining. Gratitude is something we can all lose sight on, however when it is nowhere in sight we again find ourselves grumbling and finding things to stir problems and strife.

*Trust Without Wavering. In relationships much like ours with Jesus Christ, Trust is everything; however sometimes it’s up to us to hold strong without wavering. The blessings seem to be withheld, but with love in mind, either friendship, marriage or relationship with Abba, we need to operate in Faith.

*Forgive Without Punishing. Vengeance is one way of knowing and identifying there is unforgiveness within you; punishment after grace and mercy are shared is double standard. Learning how love is not black and white. It is simply Love.

*And Promising Without Forgetting. Staying conscience of our relationships and commitments are so important. Promises are not made to be broken, so we must undergo life changing scriptures that help remember importance of love, and our word.

It seems on a day-to-day basis we may always find ourselves searching for the things that we have missed in relationships, friendships, and our closest dear friends. An observation of our own moral evaluations is that we may fail to see that we are interrupting or we may be accusing, or maybe we have found ourselves not sparing or giving. Maybe our prayer life has ceased? Or maybe when we answer it is full of animosity or anger? Have we shared but are always adding a little leaven to the lump? We’ve probably found ourselves complaining and not trusting God. Punishing without compassion and not truly forgiving. Another one that we seem to fail the most at is promising something to get done but forgetting, losing credibility with our word.

These seem like simple things, but by experience, they can cause chaos and inner turmoil if we are not learning to challenge ourselves. So in the next 10 Weeks, we challenge you to buckle up and stay tuned to learn more on operating in Love, (removing the flesh -like carnal thinking, and acting always in accordance with scripture) in an in-depth Bible study with my wife and myself.15672801_939659269497546_4876668831501250316_nCopyright© God Head Disciple Ministry 2017