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“Standing on the Promises of God”

Gleaning the Parables of Jesus

Have you ever been fascinated by Christ’s words? The statements he makes about the Kingdom are so deep and relative for our day in age. So much in-fact we had to put together a completion set of all Parables that Jesus himself spoke and wanted to reveal. This will open your eyes into such revelation knowledge that it will carry you away. By each study and break down you will be asked how can you apply each one. That’s right, this equips you to walk out the parables. This isn’t just a book to read, it can be used for teaching in your church settings, home bible studies, and equipping your loved ones. Jesus gave us his words as an blue print for our soul. He wants you to know what it’s like to not only walk in Kingdom but to be in Kingdom power, authority and encouragement. This book is 250 pages of training, molding and equipping.


A Closer Walk with God

A Closer Walk with God- A E-BOOK study guide and walk into the role of the believer, the Church and the order it brings with God and His will. This 77 page study guide will go great for personal sermons, bible studies for adults and the youth, great for youth groups building up there faith and idea as a Christian. All sizes of donations are accepted above. Upon your purchase get an absolutely free Standing on the Promises of God e-book Devotion. Great for early morning studies and children in their walk.


The Oil and Fire- Prophectic Call

The Oil and Fire-A E-Book Training Course that tackles the enemies tactics of unbelief and forgiveness. This book steps you into the intercession phase for your family, city and nation. It provides you with the truth about the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit. In this book you will find out what the oil and fire is, how to commonly use them as weapons and to also equip them into others. This training set are great for the youth who struggle with their calling. This will provide scripture foundation for overcoming the battles of hurt, bitterness and forgiveness. Upon your purchase receive your free Standing on the Promises of God e-book devotion, great for kids! A gift to you absolutely free!


The Value of Secret Prayer

This book will throw you into the core of prayer. It will show you the walk of Jesus Christ, and how he walked in secret prayer. What did he accomplish by it, and why should we? This question is so important in fact that it should re-calibrate the way we approach God and His throne. What we can acomplish in this task is so much more than what we are now. This will introduce you into the call of the intercessor. It will equip you with facts of Priesthood and Kingship. This book is an outline on how we can accomplish much more by birthing the supernatural in our prayer life. If you struggle with a prayer life, this is the book for you. It invites you in a position of foundational learning, encouragement and faith. It will give you insight on the enemy and your prayer life. We, grantee that you will grow and be inspired by this book. Also upon this purchase you will receive our complementary gift: Standing on the Promises of God!


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