Prayer Board


There are many ways to be of service for the people of disbelief and in disobedience. There are many ways to be of service for the sick, poor,needy and downcast.
Prayer brings things and prevents things. Prayer binds things and prayer loose things. Prayer helps us with communication and revelations. Prayer is a importance to the Christian body.

Now As God Head Disciple Ministry continues to grow and be brought up with the Lord we want to challenge each of you that read this to at least write 1 – 3 prayer request send it to us, and pray with us through out the week and through the live periscope Vessel Talk prayer nights on Thursdays 5pm central time.

We are connected to OCI Ministies as a Fire House Praying for the individuals that come through addictions, sickness & even severe injuries. We want to be of support with you as well help you and connect with you in times of grief. We know that we pray for brothers and sisters, we cry with them, dance with them and sing with them. We are His Warriors of Prayer and Valor. God bless you. Join OCI Thursday nights 5pm ct. for Prayerhouse. Send in request there and also at anytime:

Please send in your Prayer Request the following:

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