Pray the Word


Responding to circumstances, fighting for loved ones, overcoming the enemy and temptation, fulfilling God’s will, making war and overcoming each battle it all lies in one thing, The Word. What do I do with it changes everything! Pray the word!

You hear it all the time. I want to share with you what exactly it does and mean. It opens up the scriptures in prayers of need to become living and made manifest. Do you believe God’s word is living truth? If you do, then speaking it in prayers will make your life a growing investment for God’s mighty will to sweep through over and over. We all crave and need breakthroughs in certain seasons!

Growing a relationship with Jesus Christ always means prayer, faith and more prayer. Many times I wanted to pray, I needed to pray however the words just didn’t come out. This makes it nearly impossible to ensure a strong connection to the Holy Spirit. However I want to just lay out a list of prayers that are word for word of the bible. Many of them are specific topics, and their scriptures go through out the bible. As I prayed these prayers, I felt a change of thought, emotion and spiritual condition. God had to give me a command that will now be giving to you, “Pray and Praise through for your breakthrough”- Godhead Disciple Ministry

Put a praise phase in your mouth, and direct your faith with the Word God at your circumstances, loved ones, the enemy and temptation, to fulfill God’s will. Make war over your life, raise up your shield of Faith and weld the Sword Of The Spirit!

Pray the Word and breakthrough

These Prayers are set for each day, or by topic. More will be released to make a month of prayer. Also what will be added contributes to the Armor Of God, The Body Of Christ and Our City And Nation!