Leave no stone left in its place, move it and discover what is

Find along your traveled pace, what life has for you again.

 “The road is long, narrow at times yet we manage to get through

Our lives our songs, crafted by the hand of ultimate tunes.

Our breath brings life, yet life will fade

We only find what we seek before our decay

Our gift is thought, motion and freedom

able to climb the highest peek,

Our desires come firing from within

yet only actions bare fruit to see.

We find limitations only the body cant escape,

Yet our mind continues to climb

pondering the next big thing.

We are Humanity, born to seek.

Born to reveal, to feel and speak.

We are created from Life, so that

that Life comes from our feet.

Everything we do, adds to a grain of many things,

Either we are destroying or planting,

We are in control of change.

We cant escape Our maker

For His Life is our breath

We may feel hesitant but it takes one step,

Fall into the arms of the ultimate tune

harmonize your ways to His

Let Him guide your song while others join along

This is how we live.

Leave no stone in its place, as you travel on the road.

soon you ll find its no mistake, this was for you.

As you stumbled upon a stone, meant to leave unturned

I wrote this to confirm the truth.

I have come to find in ones own travels

you control were you are, Yet I find the hand of many songs,

guides us were we belong.”

Written By Daniel Byzewski May 21, 2016