Names Of God


Throughout the entire history of the Bible we know the different names of God characterizes who he is in the story that he has allowed us to read. We believe that those names still exist. They have power. God wants us to exercise the power and the authority within the name of not only Jesus Christ but the names of God. We encourage you to follow us. As we learn ourselves the multiple names of God throughout the history of the Biblical times. We pray that these names would Advance your Warfare your prayer life and your relationship with God. As we continue to embark on this journey we pray that you would walk with us and as we do we will update daily  teachings on the names of God with also a video with our extensive study with Greek and Hebrew it has been an eye-opening event thus far and we pray that it will encourage you to deepen your relationship and knowledge of Our Father,Jesus Chris and the Holy Spirit

Lord Almighty Host and Peace