My Victory

My Victory isn’t in being able to live or to see, its knowing Ill live forever to be with My victory.

Yes my victory breaths, moves and speaks, my Victory reigns, calls out to orphans across Seas, my victory has history, in his hands, plans of the future written out in men.

My victory isn’t in the sunset or accomplishment, but in the one who responded. That knew I was lost, broken and ashamed, who reached out his hand, calling me to stand.

Who gave me a breath, unlike Earths Airs contain. It changed the heart of me leading me to sing, to birth new things to shed tears with others,praying for their pains. Serving the sick while I am weak, bringing hugs to the hurting, a voice that speaks of my victory.

Yes my Victory lies in my creation, and how I am creating words of Art against separation. Unified, that I can testify it’s how we win, together in the arms of Him. The victory, the lamb and lion who wins every time when you surrender it all to him. My victory is Him. Jesus Christ

Written By Daniel Byzewski.












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2 Responses to My Victory

  1. John says:

    Hi Daniel, thank you for your latest blog on US politics and the Presidential race,We have weird politics here in Australia too, God bless you, I see you like Hillsong music, I served as the Dean of the College for a number of years, my daughter in law is also the Creative Producer for Hillsong Churches in Australia.

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    • Its something we as Christian have to be careful about. Luckily because of My pastor I ve been able to move on this topic freely. I m so happy we have connected. I have been to see Hillsong. I enjoy their worship Ministry! I m Glad this has been able to bless you. Thanks So Much,
      Dainel Byzewski


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