Letters To The Saints


Were the body is equipped, directed and encouraged! God Bless each of you in Jesus name! We speak many blessings over you and we Love you!

Be sure to get our latest new update: Current Letter and join us for weekly encouragement and equipping Letters as in the days of Paul to the Church. We hope that you do, see you there!

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Come up help us expand and reach even more people daily. Help encourage your city and your nation! Help your churches by possibly releasing this to them, or messaging this to your closes study buddies. Be creative in your Ministry. We are all called to work for the Lord! This is our way to produce fruit and encourage everyone in the body of Christ! We hope that so far you have been lead to study more with us. We hope that God is showing you many things through our study points and devotions. God Bless each of and we love you so much. we encourage you to flood the internet and platform to the Body of Christ with these letters! That are full of insight and equipment to prepare nations to rise.

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