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Great Awakening

The Great Awakening is Hosted By Founders Pete & Alice Garza every Friday Morning At 10:00am CST. This show consist of great Music, powerful testimonies, encounters, in addition this program is a interactive call in radio broadcast. This Broadcast is a way God can be put out on display, to let people encounter God in a whole new way through Worship And prophetic insight.

Pete Garza is The Founder and Pastor of RAJ “Radio Air Jesus”, The international radio host broadcasts the gospel to over 119 countries and is also an itinerant speaker who travels the U.S. delivering his heart to reach a demographic that cannot be touched from behind a pulpit. Along with a strong calling of revival on his life, Pete ministers with the explosive passion and desire to see people impacted by God’s miraculous and demonstrating power. Operating under the prophetic ministry to bring dynamic breakthrough and divine anointing. Giving words of knowledge and wisdom, Pete strives to reveal God’s purpose and destiny by unveiling their identity in Christ. Raising up a generation of radical lovers for Jesus.

Alice Garza is The Co-Founder & Pastor of Radio Air Jesus Ministries and international Radio Host. Alice Garza has experienced many supernatural encounters and operates under a seer prophetic gifting as well as healing and miracles. Her passion is to see women set free from the fear of man and step into their gifts and callings. On January 13th 2011 Patricia King from Xtreme Prophetic and XPMedia prophesied a confirming word over Alice that she was called to the nations to set women free from bondage’s and abuse, to be a voice, to impact this generation and empower the bride for such a time as this. Alice has an annual gathering for for women “One night with the King” which is a powerful gathering for women to come and step into the heavenly encounters with daddy God.

Prayer Line 1-888-406-9115


Radio Air Jesus Vision is to impact this generation who are tired of just words. To impart
a supernatural stirring in the spirit for the demonstrating power of God, to see the sick healed and the dead raised.

MUSIC- There are hundreds of songs on RadioAirJesus. Listen to your favorites, discover new Music, and Jam Out For Jesus.

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Perry Stone Ministries


PO BOX 3595
CLEVELAND, TN 37320-3595

Phone: (423) 478-3456
Fax: (423) 478-1392


Creator and Founder of Manna Fest; for more information : &

 OCI Ministry

In 2009, while Perry Stone was praying and asking the Lord for future direction of the Voice of Evangelism ministry, the Holy Spirit spoke and asked him, “Do you want to go where I am going?” Of course the answer was “Yes!” The Lord responded, “Then prepare to minister to the sons and daughters, as I am going to pour out my Spirit on this generation (Joel 2:28-29).” Holy Spirit birthed in Perry’s heart an important mission – Omega Center International. Since then, OCI has ministered to thousands of youth and youth leaders through conferences throughout the year, while also gathering together weekly to equip a local body of believers called the OCI Fellowship.

Where Lambs Become Lions
We believe it is the heart of God to take what is weak and make it strong. Sometimes it begins with us being like lambs – young, timid, and unsure, but eventually God grows us to be strong and righteous in Him by making us “bold as lions” (Proverbs 28:1).

Our Mission
God has called Omega Center International to reach the sons and daughters of this generation through evangelism and restoration. We believe as we reach individuals with the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit will restore them to their original purpose of a child of God who seeks intimate encounters with Him. Our primary focus is to mentor, teach and disciple through our weekly services, prayer meetings, small groups and conferences throughout the year.

Our Assignment
– To bridge the generations based on Malachi 4:6.
– To be guardians of the Sacred Fire by protecting the fire of God’s presence, and keeping His presence before us at all times.

Our Ministry contributes ideas to bring together all generations and multicultural family in which we live for Jesus Christ.

Remnant is OCI’s young adult dance team with a vision to reach a lost generation through the creativity of dance. Led by Rakeem and Machal Brewington (former leaders of Eddie James Ministries), this team is a thriving part of OCI’s youth. For more information about Remnant, contact

Connect with Remnant
Twitter: @oci_remnant
Instagram: @oci_remnant

Fire House Prayer Barn

Since May 2011, our weekly prayer meetings at The Barn have been appropriately named “Fire Nights.” These prayer meetings have never failed to live up to their title.  Every Thursday night our corporate body comes together to guard and grow the sacred fire of the presence of God. On these nights we have seen people healed, delivered, and encouraged in a multitude of ways. It is the unifying source of our body as well as the sustaining power that pushes us from glory to glory every week. More importantly, our prayers are directly affecting people, cities, and nations, and we have testimony upon testimony to prove His mighty hand is at work in and through us!

To this day, Fire Nights continue to serve as the command center from which we are able to co-labor with Christ to see His Kingdom invade earth. These nights have been so powerful that we can’t keep it to ourselves anymore! There is now a way for you to become a part of these life-changing evenings. OCI is now raising up “Firehouses” of prayer and community that will invite you to carry that fire into your own home or facility. Now, our Fire Nights will be broadcasted all over the world via livestream! It is our desire to set the whole nation on fire for the glory of God and to see revival branch out across the world. To become a Firehouse, you simply start by:

Tuning in weekly to our Fire Night livestream on Thursday nights at 5pm (Central-time) Intentionally engaging in prayer alongside of us as we pinpoint key areas such as cities, nations, addictions, and demonic strongholds.
Receiving and manifesting the words, guidance, and encouragement that are released throughout the meeting.
Inviting your friends, family, and ministry to come out to a set destination every week!
Join us now by signing up to become a Firehouse that guards the sacred fire of God’s presence and advances the things of God!

410 Urbane Road
Cleveland, TN 37312


Circuit Riders

Circuit Riders: We are a grassroots movement of young people who are carrying the love of Jesus. We are a national family of activists and creatives who are obsessed with reaching our generation with Jesus’ love and catalyzing change. Were all about Jesus!

“There are none too far that they should not be reached by the Good News.”

The Circuit Riders have multiple things and projects that help build generations together and up to shift history for the greater benefit. When It comes to the Message of Jesus Christ, the Circuit Riders have programs and experiences that all you to challenge yourself and gain professionally the experience you need to create opportunities to share the life saving message of Jesus Christ.

dblessing agapekind

The AgapEkind Ministries

PO BOX 328 Champlin MN 55316

Visionary. Word Addict. Motivator. Passionate…are just a few words used to describe D’Blessing AgapEkind. She is diversified at heart and excels in many different areas.

D’Blessing (Diepiriye Blessing) AgapEkind is  a minister, psalmist, a writer, an entrepreneur (information systems specialist). Founded by Jesus Christ, she is the caretaker of The AgapEkind Media Ministry. She propagates the Good News of Jesus Christ & the Kingdom of God – with a mission to liberate, equip and empower God’s people. Currently, she holds two basic bible school certificates [BCC] from word of faith bible institute.

Possessing inherent passion and zeal to manifest 100% potential in women, even by the revelation of God’s word, she promotes a program called “The Apostles.” She believes women are made beautiful inwardly first, then outwardly.

On the weekends, she hosts the TV and Radio show: “The Light of the World” (The LOTW Show), an awareness TV/Radio program that equips, inspires and promotes  individuals who are making moves towards “change” – raising leaders & empowering generations.

D’Blessing’s dedication
to volunteerism is laudable through her non-profit outfit, The Blessing Fund Foundation. She believes that one “impact-ful” cause can affect and raise genuine leaders who will in-turn impact generations.

Our personal studies and confirmation as A Deliverance and Warfare Teaching Ministry have been motivated by AgapEkind Ministries. A special thank you – God Head Disciple Ministry.

Latest Update From D’Blessings entering into 2017: Along with a brand new to me Website with wonderful insight:


Gayle Founder/Executive Director: “Healing Our Brokenness Ministries” has a passion to bring people out of brokenness with the Words of God, Inspiration and Healing.Motivational Speaker.Author: “From Victim to Victor” (2012)Grace Gayle tells the story of her healing journey with transparency and straightforwardness.Freelance Writer: Healing from Dependencies-Sage Magazine, Summer Edition

Grace has also written several leaflets, on healing issues, which she distributes during her book signing events.

-Healing Our Emotional Wounds
-Recovering from Dependencies
-Understanding Depression
-Healing through Forgiveness

W.A.R.R.R Workshops
HOPE Support Groups

Contact Us:

15942758_1847692528821980_1818061695_o SOLDIERS OF WARFARE

How this website came to be

“This website was literally “birthed” from a death.” – Jackee M.

In all things, I am more than a conqueror, (Romans 8) and it is my heart that I link arms with you in your battle as well. I am a victor waging war for a kingdom far greater than what is seen. Every scar that transforms me, marks me for beauty and not brokeness, (Isaiah 61) and I deeply believe the same is true for you. Abuse and abandonment meant for my destruction has given me the foundation for a groundbreaking, fortress destroying testimony. Bondage and chaos sought my life, yet my fight is perpetuated and fueled by and for the glory of King I call Heavenly Father. I refuse to passively sit idly while addiction or slander, loss or betrayal, defeat or brokeness, isolation or attack attempt to mame my soul. Rather, I stand firm. I fight with weapons not of this world. (Ephesians 6) Fire may try to consume me, yet in this refining, I vow to stand holy and blameless. (Daniel 3) In trial and tribulation, I will walk uprightly in righteousness that is not my own, in truth buckled around my being, shielded with faith no man can destroy and defended with every word from my Father’s lips. (Ephesians 6) In my heart of hearts, I know this to be true for each one of us.

All this being said, I want to call you friend and I’d love to know you, encourage you, motivate you, and, most importantly, pray and intercede for freedom and strength in your life too.

Please feel free to message me or email me @
Contact platforms:

Let’s connect, join forces, and fight the good fight of faith.
(2 timothy)

Much Love in Christ,

Jackee M