Anointed Poetry

Anointed Poetry For The Most High KING Of Heaven: Sweet Messiah Yeshua


These words are written from the depths of my heart, through the Spirit unto the LORD.
My soul pours out the deep longing to praise and to worship Jesus Christ The Most High KING of Heaven.
There are no other words that I can utter to even begin to touch His Glory.
So as I pour out unto Him before His Throne, these are the psalms that I sing for Him.
Devotion to Our Lord and Messiah, giving Him the highest praise is my number priority and delight on this earth.
For before Him there is no other; I was born to worship the KING of GLORY!

The following psalms that I have written are within this page under it, I pray that it encourages you, blesses you and guides you into a wonderful deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.- Roxanne Byzewski GOD HEAD DISCIPLE MINISTRY©

{Yeshua 1}{Yeshua 2}{Yeshua 3}{Yeshua 4}{Yeshua 5}
{Daughter of the Star Breather}
{Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty}
{An Eternity With The King Of Glory}
{Imagine} {Treasures of Our King}
{Here the Shofars Call}{Carry The Good News}
{Through The Highlands Of Affliction }
{The Lord hears your cries}
{Power In The Blood}