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Greetings and God Bless you in mighty ways in Jesus Name. Amen!

We are Daniel & Roxanne Byzewski, caretakers of God Head Disciple street worship and online Ministry. We  are Believers of Jesus Christ Our Lord and as His writers and teachers specifically dealing within Scriptural teaching, motivation and inspirational encouragement Gifted in Warfare, Deliverance+Healing & Prophetic Song writing and Musicians with Worship and Praise To the Most High Our God of EL-OLAM The Eternal God, Everlasting God!

About Daniel Byzewski:

Since I was young I have always felt a calling on my life, and I have always sought it many others ways which God now has built to be a wonderful powerful testimony to help build up the Kingdom of Heaven. Recently I have been favored to share my testimony and I have been able to have that filmed and will be sharing that in recent additions to the website, so please stay tuned for a wild and interesting story on How God saved me from Desperation, Drugs, Depression, Abandonment and Helplessness in so many other ways. I encourage you to stay tuned. You will not leave empty handed, and I am sure that You will see how God loves us enough to transform us, change us and use us! 

Since My transformation I have been involved in local churches and as well other ministries online to support and bring together a deeper richer network not for only myself but those who follow and stay connected. I am nothing without Christ Jesus and Followers. With out the Body I dry up, and have no use. Without Jesus Christ and My relationship with Him I have nothing to teach and write about. Nothing to spread and inspire to others, to shout out through out my journey here and locally. 

I am socially networked through twitter, facebook, google plus, instagram so if you please would like updates on the site itself of need daily devotions and inspiration I would love to be apart of your collective prayer and spiritual life.  Here is my contact info: 


Our Facebook Ministry page, sharing all the details on up coming events, in our local area, and also teaching or writings I am releasing soon. You can also lay your Prayer request here as well.

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I will be honored to Partner and also stand with you in Prayer on anything in and situation. 

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Thank you so very Much, God bless you always
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