About Us

We are Daniel & Roxanne Byzewski caretakers of Godhead Disciple Ministry.
We  are Believers of Jesus Christ Our Lord the Most High, Our God of EL-OLAM
The Eternal God, Everlasting God! 

Our purpose together is to share the knowledge of God. To help others form a intimate relationship with the Lord. Hearing the Lord is a function we want to see in the body of Christ. We want to awake Christians from the deceptions of the enemy in the world. We want to share our marriage, and help support others in the future. We desire to share our experience and unleash deliverance. We fill it is important to continue to spiritually examine our heart. We are called to speak and teach on the authority of believers. We are here to equip, challenge and encourage the body of Christ. We are here to inform others about the Kingdom of God and The Holy Spirit.

27336689_2039680242956540_5261115827217002589_nPrayer requests: godheaddiscipleministry3@gmail.com
Donations or seed Planting: Help support our vision for Jesus Christ
Thank you so very Much, God bless you always

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We take it as an opportunity to pray & connect with you!