Wait Upon The Lord For Love

💟Wait for the one that GOD has for you. Many times we just grab someone, when they probably aren’t the one that He actually has in store for you… and that is where a lot of pain, heartache, and abuse stems from. Wait upon The LORD for His timing is perfect! We must be so in love with Jesus that no-one can sway our heart from His arms.

🌹He wants to dance with you🌹

💟When He decides the time is perfect for that special someone to walk into your life, He will allow them to cut in on the dance and sweep you off of your feet. Until this time comes, give your heart fully unto The LORD for He is the ONLY ONE Who will never break it, and He will never let you down. NOT ONCE. Until He satisfies your heart… no-one ever will. We all have a void inside of us, a feeling that something is missing and we go a long time searching for it in this world. That void comes from our spirit’s desire and longing for GOD, The One Who created us to love Him.

💟Once we find Jesus that void is filled and He pours into us until our cup is running over. Without Him, that void can never be filled for He is the only One Who can abundantly fill it. Things of this world can satisfy this void for a time, but these temporal things always run dry and wear off leaving us hungry and thirsty once more. It’s a scratch that can be itched for a moment but when we scratch it then it only gets worse. Jesus is the only One Who can heal and bring deliverance. He is Love itself, and only Love itself can sustain love.

💟The most beautiful thing in this world is when we find Christ and fall in love with Him, and when He says it’s time He brings us the one He designed for us at the beginning of time and these two become one in Christ in Love. For a three-fold cord is not easily broken. Only then can we give and receive Love, for we are already in love with Love itself.

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