Father, You are faithful


Prayer 24: Father, You are faithful

Before you begin, ask the Holy Spirit to quiet your heart and bring to your mind the many reasons you have to be thankful. Spend time recounting the goodness of the Lord.
Father, it is good to praise You and proclaim Your love in the morning and Your faithfulness at night. You are the One who makes me glad! Open my eyes to see the works of Your hands and sponsor in me, by Your Spirit, songs of joy, for You are worthy of the highest praise I can offer!Forgive me Father, for allowing my heart to be captured by the cares of this world instead of You and Your greatness. Like Paul and Silas, may I be found singing in the ‘prisons’ that I face! How thankful I am for the sacrifice of Jesus for my sin, that He has saved me completely and intercedes for me! Hallelujah! What a great salvation is mine! Lord, You are great and awesome!

May I always sing of Your great love, and make known with my mouth Your continuing faithfulness through all generations. For Your love stands firm forever-Your faithfulness stands firm in heaven itself. And I know that You are able to do above and beyond anything that I can even imagine. Help me to always enter into Your presence with thanksgiving and praise for You are good and Your love endures forever.

Thank You, Father, for reaching down and taking hold of me, for rescuing me and being my support in days of trouble. That You delight in me is beyond my ability to grasp. Help me Lord to hear the song that You sing over me. Satisfy me this morning with Your unfailing love, that I may sing for joy and be glad all day. May Your favor rest upon me, Lord. I ask that You establish the work of my hands this day, and may kingdom purposes be accomplished in and through my life for my hope is in You, the maker of heaven and earth. You are my great reward, and I praise Your Holy Name.

Read: Psalm 92:1-4; Acts 16:25;
Hebrews 7:25, 27; Psalm 89:1-2;
Ephesians 3:20; Psalm 100:4-5;
Psalm 18:16-19; Zephaniah 3:17;
Psalm 90:17; Psalm 115:15;
Genesis 15:1
“Pray and praise through for your break through”- Godhead Disciple Ministry

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