Prayer 2 Save me from myself, O Lord

42613508_ml.jpgPrayer 2 Save me from myself, O Lord
Quiet your heart before you begin. Be still and know that He is God (Psalm 46:10).
Father, thank You for the promise of Your Word that as I come near to You, You will come near to me. Thank You for the blessing that is mine as I seek hard after You. But I come to You Heavenly Father confessing that I have allowed other loves to stand in the way of my relationship with You. I have often come near to You with my mouth and have said the right words, and yet my heart has remained distant from You, hard and untouched by Your Spirit. Help me Father! Be merciful to me, for I long to be one who seeks You with all of my heart, and finds You.

May I not draw near to You and then retreat again to lesser loves. Save me from myself I pray – from self-righteousness, self-provision and selfishness. Strengthen me to remain in You, to learn to abide in You, so that I can bear spiritual fruit, for I know that I can do nothing unless I am abiding in Christ Jesus.

Empower me by Your Spirit to earnestly seek You. May my longing to draw near to You be reflected in my thought life, what I allow myself to read and see, the music I listen to, the conversations I engage in, how I conduct myself in my home, neighborhood or work, and when I think no one is watching. In all of these things and so many more-teach me what it means to live and move and have my very being in You alone. I invite You Holy Spirit, to break-up the unplowed ground of my heart, that it might become a fertile field in which Your Word can grow. Soften my heart again I pray, that I might more clearly hear Your voice and walk in Your ways. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Read: James 4:8; Psalm 34:10;
Isaiah 29:13; Jeremiah 29:13;
John 15:4, 5; Hebrews 11:6;
Acts 17:28; Jeremiah 4:3:
Matthew 13:18-23

“Pray and praise through for your breakthrough”- Godhead Disciple Ministry breakthrough-5.jpg

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