We Must Be In One Accord With The Truth!

📯Some of us are so trained up in a certain doctrine or denomination that our beliefs about what is the truth is so set in stone that our hearts have grown hard against any other doctrine or denomination. How do we know that what we have been raised up on is the Truth? By the Spirit of Prophecy. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. For example, I was raised up on a few doctrinal lies that set into me causing me to act in certain ways. I had to re-learn the Truth and allow GOD to strip those doctrinal lies from me. The Church of Jesus Christ was NEVER meant to be divided.

📯We need to get out of division and into unity through The Holy Spirit of Christ and let every other teaching and doctrine of devils and men to fall away from us, lest we should be in the remnant that falls away from the faith as prophesied in these last days. What could provoke the “Great Falling Away (Great Apostacy)”? Believing in lies that, once proven to be false, could have the power to strip away our hope and faith so we might turn our back on The LORD altogether. I have seen this at work with the mystery of iniquity that is abounding. Be careful now, little ones, and do not get caught up in the winds and waves of doctrines that have a form of godliness but deny the POWER thereof!

📯Seducing spirits with ravening wolves have come in amongst the flock to divide and conquer the Body of Christ. We are supposed to be in ONE ACCORD with one another, for the Body cannot function properly with the Head if we are moving our own way and our own direction. A body is designed to function as one body with all members working together in function, just as the Body of Christ is supposed to do. The Holy Spirit of Christ is not one of confusion and division but of unity, peace, and of a sound mind. Come now, and let us reason with one another! Now is the time to stand… and how can we stand against the army of darkness which is all in one accord with satan if the End-Time Army Of Jesus Christ is divided?


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