What faith really looks like! A must watch!


Welcome! Praise The Lord greetings from us Godhead Disciple Ministry! Join us with daily words, encouragements through scripture, Greek and Hebrew studies, devotional series, and much more.

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Join us for doctrinal teaching here by subscribing. All prayers requests can be emailed to: dbyz3h3av3n@icloud.com

Truth Ministry Videos: Topics discussed to build upon our faith.

*https://youtu.be/ZKNErOpV3sw -Unsaved Loved ones
https://youtu.be/ElFNPf-oTwI -Answered Prayers
*https://youtu.be/D4ENmMKkgq4 -Speaking God’s word
https://youtu.be/ZbYZ1Tn4JGg -Our Responsibility
*https://youtu.be/rORNHmpndOE -Faith
https://youtu.be/uLGYOYf3ciw -Praise
*https://youtu.be/jtRYHWGPuXA -Experiencing Deliverance and Release
https://youtu.be/aTKYMzAEjl0 -How to stir wonder in The Messiah
*https://youtu.be/EChpDfAOdpQ -Exposing Fear: Satans tool of defense
https://youtu.be/Y1D1QoecMfo -In need of Confidence: Exposing Oppression

Articles from The Ministry:
Do you we mirror Christ? The Words of Christ Mirror Him, Does ours? https://godheaddisciple.org/2017/11/08/do-you-mirror-christ/

Jesus Wears The Victory! https://godheaddisciple.org/2017/11/07/jesus-has-already-won/

The Warrior Bride of Christ: Be not afraid them

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We thank you for your consideration and support!

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