Climbing in devotion 

Zacchaeus- His climb in devotion

When we step from one stone to another we want to see how they work together. Yesterday was “tireless faith when we’re rejected ” now after our rejection and tireless faith Do we climb into devotion to seek Him or do we fall away and wait on God? Let me share with you why to Climb in devotion. 

The name Zacchaeus is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Zacchaeus is: Clean; pure. Yet He is in charge of the lowest appraised occupation in a cured place, far from what He is suppose to live up to. So now that that is understood it will establish why Christ came and reset Zacchaeus back to his original function. 
Zacchaeus, Jericho’s chief tax collector, was so intent on seeing Jesus that he climbed a tree just to catch a glimpse of Jesus as he passed through town. We don’t know what Zacchaeus was thinking, other than “How can I get a clear view of this man?” Maybe Zacchaeus felt guilty about his past choices. Maybe he had heard of Jesus and knew Jesus was the only hope for change. Maybe calling out to Jesus was spontaneous. All we know is the result of this encounter: Zacchaeus was changed. 
How about us? Are we fully awake to see God sent Christ to Change us back to our original function. How? Through our devotion in Him. Why? The more we submit our selves to see Him the more he comes to us. (Read Luke19:1-10)

The scripture is so beautiful when we see it for ourselves. We were once in a cursed life, surrounded by sin and manager of our lives. Until, The Lord stirs it in us for something new. Christ is everything new. He makes us New by His blood! Climbing the sycamore tree is a symbolic reflection of climbing in devotion. Climbing right up in the arms of The Father. What did he do to see? What did he do at the top? What happen in the climb of devotion?

We often think of faith as something that is confined exclusively to our head and our heart, but our faith doesn’t just affect our thoughts and emotions; it produces action. After a simple invitation from Jesus, Zacchaeus offered to return money to anyone he had defrauded and to give half his possessions to the poor. We clearly see this faith changed Him and he was called a son of Abraham. This was before the blood of Christ was spelt and yet He is called to salvation and that The Messiah comes to abide with Him. This is covenant and it arrives by Christ saying in verse 10. For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save which was lost.
Faith changes us. Zacchaeus was wealthy, crooked and greedy. However, his faith in Jesus changed the way he lived his life. How is your faith being demonstrated in your life? 
1) How has your faith in Jesus shaped your relationships, your approach to your job and your attitude toward your hobbies? 
2) How can you show someone else the love of Jesus today? 
3) What recent actions have you taken in faith?#JourneyToChange 

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