Loyalty in weakness

The Bleeding Woman 
Looks can be deceiving. It’s easy to live a life that appears perfect but lacks a desperate need for Jesus. You see if we fail to follow through with obedience then in our weakness we are inferior. We’re left searching for something when being obedient leaves us satisfied because we know we’re weak but strengthend by Him whom we are loyal to. This step for most of my life had been hard! Likewise for many Christians! We can know the Bible, have godly spouses and be involved in church, but sometimes it takes significant pain to force us to fall at the Lord’s feet. God is merciful enough to let us experience that pain so we can better understand His grace. Sometimes we best see God’s mercy through pain. 
This stepping stone is merging from obedience to loyalty through weakness. You see it isn’t about being perfect. Our perfection comes from being in Christ! We are the righteous of God through Christ~ Second Corinthians 5:21 Were the Spirit of The Lord there is freedom. Does that mean we will no longer be weak? No, it means we will forever be weak and we well always need His strength. This means on various levels through our journey. Yet His strength is made perfect in my weakness! Why, cause I can lose pride and strength and admit that my new life is harder than my old one. I’m not gratifying the flesh but The Spirit! The woman with the issue of blood is a perfect example.

In Mark 5, Jesus encountered a woman who was driven to Him by her own weakness. For years she had lived with the same problem. She was ostracized by the society in which she lived. She was not considered fit for marriage, and would not have been welcomed by the “church people” of her day. Though it was likely difficult for her to recognize, all of this was God’s way of drawing the woman to Jesus. 
Jesus changed this woman’s life on the spot. At some point, many of us have believed the lie that we need to clean up before coming to the Lord. We have lived in fear that God wouldn’t be able to handle the mess we have made and that we would be left to begin the cleanup process alone. What God asks of us is to seek His help and the help of His people. God welcomes our mess, and often His voice is the clearest when our lives are the messiest. 
1) What messes are you dealing with today? 
2) What could God be trying to teach you through your pain? 
3) Are you willing to seek the help of other Christians in this area? Why or why not?
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God bless you, Godhead Disciple Ministry 

3 thoughts on “Loyalty in weakness

  1. This is so important, and we need to be obedient no matter how hard it is… for we must walk in the spirit and forsake the lust of the flesh. We will never be strong enough on our own to combat sin and win… it’s only through Jesus that we stand victorious over the enemy in this wickedly impure age of darkness and false light. Remember, you ARE the Light of this world with Christ within you and you can do ALL THINGS because you are more than a conqueror through Him alone. It is encouraging to know that through deep pain we are driven to our knees in sacrifice… and in this pain He stands in and makes us strong. Thank you for your love, your loyalty, and your obedience to Jesus. We must not have any faith in ourselves but in Christ alone. We can’t do it but He can! Praise GOD for that.

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