Intimacy Check…

You say you love Jesus,

But you spend no time in prayer

Prayer isn’t just us saying words

To make ourselves feel better

Prayer is our intimate communion with our Father

It is vital

That’s when He comes to us

He washes us in wave after wave

Of His love and peace

As His Holy Spirit sets our hearts ablaze 

How can you love someone

That you don’t spend time with?

The Church is married to Christ

We are His spouse

A husband and wife spend time alone

What kind of marriage is it

When there is no time alone?

When there is no intimacy?

That is a DEAD marriage

Jesus wants to spend time with you alone

He wants you all to Himself

You don’t pray because

You don’t truly love Him anymore

Or you have forgotten Him

You have left your first love

Instead, you have Perverted Priorities

He is not a priority in your day

You can’t say that you love Him

If you spend no time with Him

He is your husband, your Bridegroom

He won’t stand for a dead marriage with you

He wants MORE of you

He LOVES you

Knowing this, you still choose the world

Every single time

Saying to yourself,

“I’ll have time later for Him”


Not when you’re all tired and groggy

Consumed by this world

He wants deep intimate time with you

So that He can pour His love into you

So He can ravish you with His mercy

So He can consume you in His peace

For how else shall ye stand

When the darkness comes?

Sometimes God doesn’t answer your prayer right away because He is testing your faith, to see if you’ll just give up… Or if you’ll be persistent in your believing upon Him!

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