Worthiness to worthless

Redeemed from the curse of Belial 
Something worthy is becoming unworthy and useless due to the work of Idolatry! However God has redeemed; brought back, transformed dark to light He has Reconciled and reconstructed The House of Prayer; The Temple of God. 
The continual setbacks and misfortune are demonstrated events of such power through Idolatry. If you have found yourself lacking the blessing of God this can be on influence of Belial. The enemy wants more and more Christians to fall away so that through faithlessness he can make a profitable thing become worthless. We are God’s abundant workers to product fruit, but if we are loosed from the vine we can wither and become invaluable to God. 
You as a believer (ourselves included) must realize the reality that according to Galatians 3:13 we are redeemed from the curse. Jesus became the curse for us. So many Christians fail to seal themselves in the promises of God that the Enemy takes from them. He comes to Steal John 10:10 says. 
Can you reason with yourself and believe that Christians believers as still living under curses? Even though legally we have been redeemed from curses if we do not pronounce it and stand in it then we can inviting the enemy. He still roams about seeking whom he can devour! 
Many curses can effect a persons life and come as a result of one of the most wicked and vile spirits in the Kingdom of darkness- the spirit of Belial. Did you know he is a ruler? He is a ruler of wickedness. This means he has at his disposal a host of demons with Him. This comes by operating under his command, cursing the lives of people. Belial is mentioned 27 times in the Old Testament alone. The word it’s self is from in Hebrew of course beliyaal and is translated as wicked, ungodly and naughty. 
He is without profit, worthlessness, destruction, evil, wickedness and naughty. This demon influence uses this characteristics on people to cause them to sin, to belittle them, to cause a breach within their heart or mind and eventually everything! The worthless means valueless, useless, contemptible and despicable. That means the person is going to be influenced to fee and believe they are “deserving to be despised: so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation.” 
If this is what characteristics are brought to the mind, then without knowing the promises of God it is impossible to stand against such dark thoughts. Remember you are a child of God, you are a target. 
Belials work is to curse men and women causing them to commit sins that are vile and contemptible. All sin is wrong, however there are degees of sin. In the Law there were sin the punishment to death where others required a sacrifice. So belials work is to draw a Nation into such abomination; sins that it will bring the curse and judgement of God. Belial is another name for Satan, or Ba’al. They are all workers and labors together. 
Belial is a strongman in America as well as other nations of the World. He rules over wickedness. Jesus taught us the necessity of binding the strongman in order to spoil his goods. (Matthew 12:29)
In order to operate in the promises of God we must first know the Word. He must understand God’s will for our lives, Nation and people. 
Begin to resist the Devil and His demons in pray over your life, and your Nation! Remember the Power of Life and Death are in the power of your tongue. We pray that you use it. 

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