The heart of Devotion

Within the fig tree-Matthew 21:18-22;Mark 11:12-25
The heart of devotion is designed for encounter and exchange with Yeshua. The fig tree is a symbol for devotion. The roots of such tree wither through doubt and unbelief.
While Christ came to encounter the tree for fruit and found that there was none by exchanging through His presence He cursed its very source of life in the tree. All the way down to the roots. I believe that believers in the heart of devotion can change all situations into fruitfulness. The question is do we allow God to change us or do we stay the same through encounter. If we encounter Yeshua without exchange then it is impossible to bring forth a plan to be victorious. You can sit at the table and not exchange words with your family. 
Are we partakers of His Divine Nature? 
(2 Peter 1:3-4) In order to be like Him we must become intimate and interested in his desires. 

Yeshua was obedient to The Father by sacrifice on sitting upon the Mercy set of the Cross. He, bringing us into one body. (One Accord) 
(Philippians 2:1-2)

Yeshua brought us into a body that was able to produce and not wither. His resurrection is our resurrection. 
The problem is that we have become a tree as the Church fruitless and withering due to the proximity rather than intimacy and exchange of Our King. Our placement as the church was designed to influence the culture and our surroundings. Our position has been switched and it must be exchanged back. 
I believe that the source of our church The called out, has worried on much fruit and not the sacrifice of that fruit to give. This keeps us from forming the intimacy within the embodiment.
This keeps hearts unable to receive true ability to believe. Many have set up treasures and values for themselves but have neglected to give. 
In the heart of devotion within the fig tree, we either are producing the fruit to be useful for others or we are withering for not properly functioning for Our divine purpose. 
Jesus was received as high and lifted up after the sacrifice of His only life. Likewise we must be a Image of Him. 
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.
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