He Is Close To The Broken


A Shattered Heart 2 Years Ago Today…

The LORD has brought me this far

He will do the same for you as well

You just need be still and know that He is GOD

It’s not easy… not at all.

The LORD makes it easy

when you give Him full control

This is what I had to go through…

It wasn’t the first time I’d had a broken heart…

However, hopefully it will be the last time.

Jesus is the pain taker

He is the chain breaker

He is the prison-shaking Savior

If you’re in pain… this one is for you.


I am so tired of all of the pain.
I want to go home.

I know I have friends and for that I’m thankful,

and I have three wonderful children who love me…

But I feel so alone.

I feel so hopeless right now,

like I already know the end result

so what’s the point of trying anymore?

I am hurting so badly,

I’ve been cut open from neck to pelvis

with a dull blade with no anesthetics…

I’m lying here dying

and there’s no one around

that even knows I’m bleeding out…

Jesus will come for me this much I know.

I’m ready to go.

I don’t want surgery.

I’m feeling weaker by the second.

I reach for my heart

but it was ripped out of my chest still beating,

I can feel it.

How can this be?

My stomach is turning in circles

as I watch it… I feel nauseous.

Why am I not dead yet?

My blood is pooling around me,

I feel it pumping out.

I feel it all,

every organ inside me

struggling to maintain the pressure and the pain.

Signals to my brain are firing:

“let’s put her back together she can make it still somehow.” All I can see is the dark sky above me,

Jesus I need you now!

I haven’t eaten in nearly a week,

searching for the truth.

This is what it did to me, how do I keep going on?

The sky opens before me,

and I can see angels flying.

My mighty King is riding down

to take me in His arms.

I reach up for you Jesus…

with broken wings and broken bones.

I’m trembling all over

and I feel the tears stream down my face.

I’m ready now my Lord

please save me from this place.

My liver tries to filter the truth from the lies.

It’s going into failure

from the overdose of love inside.

My lungs are filling up with the words I want to say, 

and I scream out to the one

who took my heart and ran away:

please come back don’t leave me here to die

I’ll give you all that I have still left inside!

I will fight for you in this battle,

and I’ll do it cut wide open.

Thats how strong I am,

even now just a wounded warrior woman.

The memories of our laughter

are flooding my mind right now.

I would stand by you forever;

I would never leave you like this.

My neurons are flashing

“it’s too dangerous for us,

we’re overloading with passionate explosions”.

Please don’t leave me after all we’ve been through,

don’t you know I am so in love with you?!

I will wait here and sustain my being

until you look back and see me bleeding,

I hope you come back…to me.

I hear my spirit cry out to my Lord

“it’s not time yet, don’t listen to what she’s saying, it’s not her time to go. Heal her of this mighty wound and speak life back into her soul”.

I can feel my body closing up

just like it was before…

before the fall…

before he took it all…

How can I walk without my heart,

how can I march on in this war?

I’ve been seriously injured,

what a mighty battle scar.

The tears still stream down my cheek

as I sacredy recall just how much he means to me. 

King Jesus you have healed me,

what do I do, my God?

As I stare into His eyes of fire

He fills me with a brand new song.

I can feel a slow start of beating

within my chest walls,

He has given me His heart

so I will be able to survive this fall.

He’s the only one here with me,

floating high above the world.

My work here isn’t finished.

I’m still His little girl.

He takes me back down

to the place that we call “home”.

He smiles down at me and heals my wounded soul.

I look around, the house is empty…

I’m here all alone.

I’m staring at our picture

from Father’s Day after church…

After all of this…

I still feel my words under my breath trembling 

“please, please don’t go”.

I hear the front door open

and my new heart skips a beat…

I hear footsteps coming closer and closer to me…

what will happen I don’t know.

I’m so scared right now I could just run and hide, 

instead I stand here unwavering…

waiting, suspended in time.

I take a deep breath…

and I look into his beautiful eyes…

what is going to happen next?

I silently wait, trembling inside…


King Jesus got me through this pain

There is no pain on earth more intense

Than finding love and losing it…

Don’t fall for someone who was never yours

Wait for The LORD…

He has something beautiful for you in store!

He always opens a new golden gate

After He closes the door.


📯”The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all. He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.”📯Psalm 34:18-20📯

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