Fall In Love With Jesus


🔥This is the TRUTH🔥

Young ladies listen up…!

Only when you give Jesus your heart

Can you perfectly give your heart

To another other than Him.

For we cannot know love

Until we know Him

For Until we know Him

There is no way for us to love…

First we go out searching

To only end up with a broken heart

Picking up the pieces from

Someone who tore you apart.

They’ll always abuse you

Yes they’ll always use you too honey

Until they have Jesus in their heart

It’s how this wicked world revolves

Men and women the same

Lust of the flesh

Lust of the eyes

The pride of life

Everybody wants it all…


Until Jesus Christ is your reason for breathing

Until He becomes your number One

There is no point in even trying

To begin something that you’re not ready for.

Give The LORD your heart

Run, girl as fast as you can

Run to His arms He will catch you

He will never leave you nor forsake you

He is the One Who is always true

He is the One who always comes through

Jesus is the lover of your soul

He is the King of your very heart

Until He is your obsession

The One of your heart

You’ll always be looking to men

To meet needs that only He can fill

✨Remember Jesus is your first love✨ 

✨He is your spirit’s true love✨

Then you’ll be ready for the ULTIMATE love story

🌟That truly reflects HIS GLORY🌟

The one that He set up for you

Before the foundations of this world

Before the predestination of this universe

He made a mate for you.

He is the Heavenly matchmaker

So wait until it’s His perfect Will

For to be in His Will

Is to be close to Him in every way


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