The Perpetual Bunch

Are you ready for an encouragement? If so then this will bless you!

I believe the Body of Christ is at a moment in our lives we’re God is reaching down with mighty revelation. I believe that God is ready to birth levels of experience that empowers us to propel into major international influence. The infiltration of the Saints! It is already at work. Many have received this mighty understanding. 

Many already know this is what will be the pouring out of the Holy Spirit of the latter days! However I want to allow others to see this is not just that but a stewarding of that very pouring out. This is not it, not all of it in one big moment. More like the flow is becoming like a rippling tide streaming down from the Throne! 

God is calling us into a perpetual state! Are you ready for the laying of new foundation? Are you willing to see that we are in need of elevation. With that it takes time to prepare for construction. What we mean is there is things the Lord is about to do with us that He has been waiting for! New ground. New Stone. New walls. 

This Letters To The Saints will send you into a Journey of asking yourself what is it that God sees that we don’t. With this it will set you into a understanding that now is a time for preparation.

Also visit us on YouTube! On The Go Audio! 

Playlist for Letters To The Saints!

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