He Is Worth The Suffering

‼️ R E P E N T ‼️

‼️ R E P E N T ‼️

Don’t lay your head down at night

Without talking to Abba Father

Without speaking to Jesus

Without asking His forgiveness

For anything that you may have done

That was a sin or went against His will

Ask Him to direct you and to guide you

To bring up or to dig up

What needs to be pruned

And then once you see these things

Things that He is revealing…

Then this is how we grow…

Because we shed these things from our life

This is how you’ll know

That you are growing in The Lord

You will not be the same as you were before

Things that once mattered…

They mattered no more…

✝ It’s all about J E S U S ✝

When we’ve gone through this type of test

Once we’ve laid it down

At the foot of the cross

Coming to The Lord in repentance

Christ Jesus forgives us of the sin

He washes us clean

Then we begin the testing again

He will dig up everything out of your spirit and soul

That does not belong to the Light

Ever slowly purging your heart

✖️It’s worth the pain

✖️It’s worth the fight 

For that is how we train as a soldier of Christ.

So small sins have big consequences

You have to weigh it all out

Sin is nothing to mess with

It sounds good and lures with attraction

But it’s so not worth where you’ll end up at!


Always stand as such


Don’t let the night slip away 

Without speaking to your King!

⚖ Please remember to weigh everything ⚖

Sin comes at a price

That price is steep

In the end it may take your life

He will help you if you’re in need…

All you have to do is ask, and thou shalt receive.

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