You Are Seated At The LORD’s Table! Sup With Him!


Are you working for The LORD being hindered…?

Is the enemy relentless in pursuit…?

Is your seat at The LORD’s table empty…?


🔥The moment you set your heart to seek the face of The Almighty GOD you’ve got a conspiracy against you of the enemy! Satan won’t bother you while you’re running around in this world trying to do “work for The LORD”, but when you set The LORD before you and begin to search Him out, better believe the devil will pull out his greatest arsenal. 

🔥Are you constantly being interrupted? If you make up your mind that you’re gonna sit at the table of The LORD and be a man or woman of prayer there’s gonna be a conspiracy of interruptions against you! When you’re too busy running around as a busy busy preacher or teacher, the devil will leave you alone. He’s not gonna bother you much; he’ll let you build anything for GOD. But the moment you set your heart to seek The LORD, watch out for the onslaught of the enemy!

🔥We cannot be caught so busy running around that we neglect our first love! We are supposed to serve our King! We are to minister to The King before others, before we eat at His table. The LORD will shut your down for a period of time just to break the pattern of busy-body running. We have to say “I put your table first, LORD”. We are supposed to minister to The LORD first while sitting at His table! Then you eat. We are to pray and seek the face of GOD! How many times has the King of Kings looked out upon His table to see your seat empty? 

🔥The moment you turn in your walk and say in your heart, “I’m gonna serve my King first and be faithful, as He is faithful. I am committing myself to being a man or woman of prayer. I am going to sit at the Table of The LORD daily. He comes first”, this is when the enemy will attack the hardest but this is also when The LORD of Hosts will fill your heart with His Living Word wit fresh manna and you will arise before the enemy and completely disarm him and defeat him with one blow. The battle belongs to The LORD, not to us. If we put The LORD first, in turn He goes before us and behind us as our front and rear guard and He smites the enemy in our path. All we need to do is go forth in prayer, praise, and worshsip! This is our three-fold arsenal agaisnt the enemy and all of his thrones of wickedness, and a three-fold cord is no easily broken.

🔥Don’t leave your seat open at the LORD’s table. Go and commune with Him devotedly. Minister to The LORD and then with Him. He’s will equip you with everything that you need. He has chosen you for such a time as this, and the enemy knows it too. Satan will stop at nothing to get you so frustrated that you just want to give up, stopping the flow of prayer, praise, and worship. If he can break just one of the strands of the three-fold cord, then it’s possible that he can hinder all three weapons. 

‼️Don’t allow the enemy to take your weapons‼️

📯Seek The LORD your GOD with all of your heart

📯Hold fast in prayer, praise, and worship📯

📯Find a secret place with The LORD

📯Let nothing stop you from supping with Him

📯You are the salt and the light of this world📯


📯Be still, and KNOW that Jesus Christ is GOD📯
#godheaddisciple #RemnantOfFire

#BrideOfChrist #TorchBearer4Christ

#SaltAndLight #SoldierOfChrist

#Jesusistheway #Jesusisthetruth #Jesusisthelife

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