Release The suppressed proximity. 

Letters to the Saints: God bless each of you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior,

Today’s decree:we can destroy the wicked early we can destroy them that hate us Psalms 101:8 and Psalms 18:40

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Brothers and sisters it is imperative that we declare distraction against the wicked. The diversities of Satan’s oppression and suppression births a realm of depression. I feel that honestly I am not the only one who has experienced the I want to give you a revelation on our proximity being suppressed so that we cannot be effective. 

4 nuggets: prepare pray, participate and prosper. 
The practical application of preparing is to discern with watchful eyes while preparing scripture to feed ourselves and enjoying our life before battles.
Praying needs to be in the secret place and abiding in the vine so that our branches me produce the fruit so that we may participate in war. 
When we protested paid in war we war in love and we war in righteousness. We cannot expect hate to be defeated with heat and we cannot expect evil to be over came with evil. Satan cannot divide Satan’s kingdom. We must take the force of Christ within us and invade the infiltration of the enemy. Warring in love and in righteousness looks like Galatians chapter 5. Fruit of the Spirit.
As we participate in love and in righteousness we will advance to glory to glory in the prospering of the Lord.
By doing this the hindrances of our prayer life and declarations will no longer be hindered! Satan will stop prayer if he is allowed and God is bound by his word, so the gag order must be lifted!
Don’t fight oppression, depression and suppression but fight the one who deals depression which is our enemy Satan.get to the enemy first by getting to God early and declaring the distraction against the wicked in your abiding secret place with the Lord

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God bless,

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