31 Truths: A Saint

Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ and has saving faith is among those who are holy and set apart to God.
READ: Ephesians 1:1
READ: Daniel 7:15-27

In Christ we are saints! We have been made holy and set apart to God. Praise be to God; we are His! What are some ways that we can express gratitude to God and display this holiness in our lives? How can you begin each day in light of this reality? What would it look like? What should your thought life look like?

WRONG THINKING: Only really good people are saints.
RIGHT THINKING: I am a saint—no matter how well my day went—because of God’s grace in that by the gift of faith I have believed in Christ. Therefore I should live like a saint (Ephesians 5:1-21).

This brings in closing that the enemy can always try and disclose to us many lies that are contrary to the bible. God’s promises to us are stern and unmoveable. Don’t you think its time for the church to start moving in the unmovable and unshakable promises of God? If we all did, Imagine all saints in one accord moving in divine order from God. Amen?!
If you have found this influential we ask that you share it, and spread the gospel in a mighty way. Equip others with truth about themselves!

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