We Are The Lords Battle Axe

18110817_1020225361440936_47726638_n📯Come out of this world, little children, come out of her! We cannot touch the things of this world, for we are not of this world. If we are dead in Christ, reborn in Christ, risen in Christ, then we rule and reign with Christ here on this earth, even over satan and his wicked principalities and powers. We cannot partake at the table of devils. We are not of this world so we must be kingdom-minded, but we must be in this world. To walk through this world without falling into its many luring divers temptations we must be walking in purity and sanctification in Christ Jesus. We need Him to do it, for we cannot do it all by ourselves. We must crucify this flesh, not giving over to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, or the lust of the pride of life. We must die to self, and put on the mind of Christ which is part of the full armor of GOD. It is far too easy to be pulled in to this cursed fallen world. We must be firmly rooted in Christ, standing solid upon The Rock of Salvation! We cannot be conformed to this world but rather be transformed by the renewing of our minds in Christ Jesus. We must come out of this world, NOW!
It is time.

We are the resistance of Christ.
We are the end-time army of Jesus Christ.
We are His troops here on earth.
We are His voice to the lost.
We are here to do His will.
We must walk in His footsteps.
We are His torch bearers.
We are His beacons.
We are the light of this world,
As He is the Light of the world.
We are also the salt of this earth.
How can we be the salt…
If we do not speak the Truth?
We must show this world He is the Way.
He is the ONLY WAY.
The war is already won…
But we still have a battle to fight!
Wage war on the enemy through Him.
He is our Strength.
He is our Rock.
He is our Fortress.
He is our Strong Tower.
He is our Shield and Buckler.
Stand for Christ: COME OUT OF THIS WORLD!

#Jesusistheway #Jesusisthetruth #Jesusisthelife

© God Head Disciple Ministry 2107

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