Your always in a season of growth

“And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season his leaf also shall not wither and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper” Psalm 1:3

*The tree is your temple, your temple is body, soul, and spirit.

In many ways, Jesus narrates about the human being like a tree. So we know that the human body was created for the purpose of obtaining God within Himself. Which, is the picture of the Old testament with the Ark of the Covenant. Preparing the Presence of God into the temple. We have the out courts, inner courts and holy of Holies. Very simply our body is the outer shell, the soul is the inner part, and spirit is the innermost self.

*Planted is the roots within the established foundation of Jesus Christ.

Being established is not what most people think. Most people would possibly believe being planted is balanced. I can assure that God never intended us to be “balanced” He wants us to fully founded on the Word. By doing this we would be pretty separated from that kind of concept. So when we are dealing with ourselves and planting ourselves we should be in the word, doctrinal books, prayer groups, interventions, and conferences.  Having a balanced life in like parenting, ministry, work etc is totally different to what this scripture is alluding to.

*The rivers of water are in fact the waters of grace, mercy, and Spirit from God that enriches your established position on earth.

What we have here is God being the cleansing and also resourceful Father. He gives us grace, he restores us with love, He grants us needed things. Water is a source of food to a plant. So here He as God is feeding his People. Some might say He is showering upon us with many things. I would agree! Yet this is talking about a river that we are founded by. So God must know us by where we are founded. If we are rooted in the Word, then His river flows through us. This is where our growth comes from the resourceful Father extending his water to produce the growth which in returns reaps benefits.

*Bringing forth fruit is a part of a harvest. Yet seasons do not dictate your inclining growth and flowing of the Spirit within you to perform for God.

The fruit in our life come by living out the word of God. Faith and action complete a recipe for fruit. The fruits of the Spirit is the indication of where we are getting our fruit from (Which points us to principles to produce attributes of God) but ultimately our fruit comes actions and faith. When we carry out an act of kindness, it does not mean we bore fruit, it means that we have a produced a likeness character of God. The fruit comes during a season of harvest which is God’s timing. We can not be confused about the fruit and the actions to produce the fruit. Many people think that if they are kind and patient they are already producing, but I would have to say that we are all doing what we are supposed to. It is what I call planting a seed of kindness because we will reap what we sow.

*The leaf is, in fact, you not being in dry season, in need: (there might be a want) but you are satisfied already but hungry for more.

The leaf is a piece of the tree that which a person can tell if it is healthy. Many months through hot seasons plants and trees tend to go through what I like to call weathering. God does this exact same thing with His people. We call them trials and tests. The enemy can always come in with a temptation, however, let us focus on the difference between the leaf and season.

The leaf it says shall not wither. So this means by abiding within the waters and producing fruit that it is healthy. Notice though a leaf can be healthy and no fruit has yet blossomed forth. So my observation to this is we can not be so quick to assume that a tree is not good based on its leaf but only by its fruit. However on contrary to that if we see a person always prospering not matter what, even though we may not see the fruits always it is a sign that more and likely that person or yourself perhaps is the process of a season to produce. The leaf shows life, the branch shows fruit, and the tree serves man.

* So whatever you do is based on the promised truth of the leaf not withering, rather than the fruit being produced. The fruit is for others to see, taste and prove you by. Your ability to prosper is not about your fruit, it’s about your function and relationship with Our Father!17105420_982726038524202_1915136322_n

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