Through The Fire: Preciously Made.


Dearly Beloved Church and Saints of The Most High GOD,

Refining fires are kindled upon the body, for God is doing a mighty work within. Do not be downcast and down trodden knowing that God’s Hand is in all this. Has He not ordered your steps? Has He not told you that He has plans for you? Has He not fulfilled His promise to you? He is faithful and just! It is us that fail to see all the joy and promises because we fail to be spiritual aware. We fail to look into the ground with eyes of promise, purpose and potential. Our souls are so wrapped in the things, circumstances and people, that we have grown weary. Brothers and Sister I know of this deadly scheme the Enemy is plotting.

Psalm 66:9-12 Tells us that God is the hand that is over us, that he is refining us as silver and bringing us into nets that lay afflictions upon us. Glory to the Lamb! He is preparing your order, your anointing, your calling! Preparing they for you, like John did for Christ. If you read verse 12 it ends with a promise. You are going trough the fire and through the water but thou brought  us into a wealthy place! This is your fruit, that seed you have planted. You are being stretched into your area of promotion. Peace and prosperity comes after your afflictions.

Christ Himself we not glorified until he was beaten, trodden under, crowned harshly, mocked, crucified and the descended down into hell! Then He was glorified by the father.

Come and hear, all ye that fear God, and I will declare what he hath done for my soul. Psalm 66:16
Know that your calling, blessing and outpouring is waiting! Your breakthrough is already ready, it is us that must in the steps through the fruits of His character, press to the mark of Christ and run a enduring race!

God is not finished, he just started. He isn’t punishing you, he is fulfilling His word in your life because you love Him. So he pours into you what must be for the coming times, which none is able to endure with fire and water.

Be encouraged in Jesus name
Now The Lord of peace himself  give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.
2 Thessalonians 3:16

Keep us in Prayer that the advancing of His glorious Kingdom comes through us as we wait for His powerful day of arrival. God Bless you in Jesus Name

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