Wake Up Before It’s Too Late


My duty as a true Christian is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of the living breathing Word of GOD unto all that I know. Go ahead and laugh or scoff, backbite and throw stones at me if that’s what spirit comes upon you to do so. Some people’s proclamation of the Gospel is the only Bible that some will ever read, and it is through me that Christ shines. I’m getting His Word out for all ears to hear that are my friends here, and if you really hate it that bad, even if you’re family, go ahead and just defriend me. But you will NEVER get to say on that day where you stand before Christ on the Judgement Seat, as He is getting ready to have you thrown into the Lake of Fire for ALL ETERNITY that NO ONE ever told you about Him. That He is the ONLY WAY! He is coming, get ready, there is no other GOD but Him, that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess Him as GOD, even the demons and satan himself. You will never be able to get away with lying in front of the omnipotent omnipresent allknowing Almighty Everlasting Eternal GOD, who always was, who is, and who shall forever be! Get right. And get right NOW! The LORD IS COMING! These are the last days! I’m telling you now as sure as you stand and breathe this day, HE IS ON HIS WAY AND HE DOES NOT DELAY! JESUS CHRIST IS GOD, AND THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO THE FATHER IN HEAVEN THAN THROUGH THE SON! It’s Biblical!

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