:::::Truth Of Fallen Angels And Giants In The Land:::::

Fun Facts: From the birth of Adam to the flood of Noah, it was 1,556 years. At this time, the seed of Satan, or Nephillim (giants in the land) were populating the earth when Adam was still alive. By the time if Caanan, God had started sending angels down to earth to teach us. These angels came into the daughters of men and created these giants, which are indeed Satan’s seed.

In 1,556 years the earth was populated by giants and the planet and had corrupted mans thinking. People were perverted. They were worshipping gods that were half human and half angel-Demi gods. It is recorded that God sent down 200 angels before the Torah was written, because from the birth of Adam to Moses there was no written Law. These 200 angels came into the daughters of men. Somewhere in time, it is unrecorded when, God took these angels from earth and He bound them in chains of darkness underneath the earth. Peter said that these angels which have sinned are bound in hell, and that Greek word ‘hell’ is only found one time in the New Testament.

It’s called Tartarus. In Greek and in Hebrew also there are five different words for the underworld, that’s the world underneath our feet, or the chambers where hell is. There is Hades, Sheol, Gehenna, Abyss or bottomless pit, and Tartarus. Tartarus, in Classical Greek, was under the earth and was the lowest hell that you could go to. So what God did at some point, probably through Michael the arc angel as he is the warrior angel, is He went and had bound them there in Tartarus. There will never be another race of giants upon the earth again because the angels that corrupted man-kind have been taken out.

The seed of the serpent had been present upon earth before the flood and after the flood for 3,000 years. Once the angels were bound in Tartarus, there was one set of giants still remaining, and they were in Israel. Fact: Greek Mythology is fake; all of the Greek Demi-gods were all giants (Nephillum) in the land, for example Hercules, and the Greek people took them and made them to be gods. This is recorded in Greek and Hebrew history, that giants roamed the earth and were tens of thousands in number. However, the last of the giants were in Israel. You can read about this in the latter parts of the Books of Samuel and the Books of Chronicles. There were five giants left in the land of Israel, and the children of Israel took them out in the time of King David.

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