GOD’s Timing Is Perfect


God’s timing is not always our timing. We may want or think we need something right now, and pray for it, but it may not be the real time that God knows we need that certain prayer answered. He knows our beginning to our end. He knows the things we pray for, and according to His perfect Will and perfect timing our prayers are answered. We may pray for a certain something, but God looks ahead into our future and can see that we need that prayer for another time that is more desperate and needing, so He saves that prayer storing it away to be answered when He knows we need it the most. He doesn’t just let our prayers disappear. He remembers all of them, every little word we utter to Him in prayer and in council. He is faithful, just, and true. His timing is always perfect. I have had to learn this one. We as humans always want something NOW NOW NOW, when God Almighty lives outside of time and space. He is the everlasting God. So He knows our hearts and our future, our destiny. He always answers our prayers, sometimes He even answers them by not answering them at all, because they are not in line with His perfect Will for our life. So just remember that God hears and sees and knows all things. He is everywhere all at once. He knows our needs and He loves us; He wants to bless us and to take care of us. When the timing is right for that particular prayer to be answered, He will bring it about to fruition. God is good, all the time.

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