Bring The Highest Praise To The King


🎶🎵I Worship The King Of Kings🎵🎶
I live to worship you Lord.
It’s you that I most deeply adore.
I’m closer to truth than ever before.
I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store.
I know that you are worth fighting for.
Jesus I can hear your mighty roar!
Every day I get closer to you Lord.
I can’t stop now I just want more and more.
The hunger for you burns bright as a fire.
The flames burn hotter with loving desire.
Running with you Lord I never get tired.
Holy Spirit of God take me higher!
I come to worship my Sovereign King.
I bow down before your throne everlasting.
My heart bursts out with melodic rings.
Before you Lord, my soul begins to sing.
Weeping with joy I know that you love me.
Singing with hope of another victory.
Seeing all that you’re doing just for me…
I’m falling in love with you my God, my King.
Ohhhh Jesus… how I need you.
Ohhhh my Lord I can’t be without you.
Ohhhh Jesus… it’s your love I need.
My spirit cries out, “Jesus stay with me”.

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