Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear


🔥💟 Perfect Love Casts Out ALL Fear 💟🔥
For if there is fear, that love is not perfect. GOD’s Love is perfect, and every good gift comes down from
🌟The Father Of Lights🌟. Let your hearts not be troubled nor let this world consume you, lest you should be caught in a snare set up by satan himself. So watch therefore, for the enemy loves to deceive our hearts with the vain and lustful pleasures of this life so that we might possibly fall into temptation or commit adultery against our spouses and against GOD our Father! Do NOT be ignorant of Saharan’ schemes: single and married Brothers and Sisters in Christ, give no room for temptation or lust to come in, staying away from long conversations with the opposite gender. We are to love everyone and pray for one another, for this is the will and the love of GOD and Christ Jesus in us. But DO NOT go any further in long on-going conversations with the opposite gender ESPECIALLY if you are married, for this is a satanic agenda set-up for the future! Be there for one another; if you have another Brother or Sister in Christ of the opposite gender come to you for prayer or for counseling or advice, be aware of the devices of satan and direct them to your husband or wife for anything further. Give satan NO ROOM in your marriage! Don’t let him catch you unawares and fool you into believing a lie! Honor your spouse and your marriage covenant under GOD! Resist the devil and he has to flee for a short season. Be on guard!💟

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