Shall Ye Stand, Or Shall Ye Fall… When Ye Hear The Shofars Call


The wicked are like the troubled sea
When the waves are roaring and it cannot rest
The raging waters cast up mire and dirt about them
The LORD shall withhold the winds of the west
For He hath said there is no rest for the wicked
For them, there is no place of peace
His heart is far from them, for they turn their heads
They defile their hands with blood and iniquity
The LORD hath seen the ways of the wicked
For there is no thing hidden from His sight
He sees their feet run swiftly for evil
As they howl to their sacred moon in the night
Acts of violence are in their hands
Spilling innocent blood upon the earth
Wasting and destruction are in their path
Therefore The LORD shall smite them with a curse
🔥So shall they fear the name🔥
🔥Of The LORD from the west🔥
His glory is from the rising of the sun
For the Spirit of The LORD shall raise up a standard
When the enemy comes in like a flood
As for those who fear the name of The LORD
He shall deliver them from the wicked nets
He shall save them from the snare of the fowler
He shall hold them close even when the sun sets
Unto the ones who love The LORD:
Arise and shine, for thy Light hath come
Even though the darkness covers the earth
Under His wings, we are safe from the evil one
🔥The Almighty LORD of Hosts sees all🔥
He shall recompense the hearts what we deserve
According to our deeds He shall repay
For it is our choice to follow His Holy Word
So lift up thine eyes round about and see
How good is our GOD Who hath given unto thee!
He shall reward both good and evil with a mirror
Likened unto the abundance of the sea
◾️Do ye love wickedness…?
◾️Or do ye love righteousness…?
◾️Do ye love the Light…?
◾️Or do ye love the darkness…?
For the time hath come to look within thine heart
For ye are not yet completely forsaken
The time approaches near unto this world
Where soon the Bride of Christ shall be taken
GOD hath made a covenant with His people
He hath placed His Spirit upon us
His words hath been placed within our hearts
From our lips as a trumpet blast:
We proclaim His Holy righteousness
Announcing the acceptable year of The LORD
Warning to come, the vengeance of our GOD
Comfort all those who mourn round about thee
For we must minister to the broken
We must bring unto Him captive
The hearts of the lost and swollen
To give unto them beauty for ashes
The oil of joy for the mourning souls
For the spirit of heaviness
Take on the garment of praise
Lift up His Holy Name: that He may be glorified
Unto the righteous and unto the wicked:
🛡Ready thyselves🛡
For The LORD draws nigh
Shall ye stand or shall ye fall…
When the LORD of Hosts comes for us all?
Shall ye be taken…
Or shall ye be left…
Shall ye ascend at the sound of the trumpet blast?
Shall ye harken unto His voice upon the call?

🌪🌊“I create the fruit of the lips; Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the Lord; and I will heal him. But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.”🌪🌊
‭‭💨Isaiah‬ ‭57:19-21‬💨

© 2017 God Head Disciple Ministry

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