You Are A Mighty Soldier Of Christ


If you’re going through trials right now and it seems like the weight of the world has you pinned down, remember to give it all to God. God never gives us more than we can handle and He knows just how heavy we can bear our cross. Keep your head held high and call upon the name of The Lord when times get hard. He is here for us and He will never fail us, for The Lord is faithful always! His soldiers He needs to be ready for war so He is purging our hearts to the very core. The purging process hurts, but in the end when you come through the fire it’s all worth while because He has made us stronger. Listen to His Holy Spirit within and stand your ground, because God is not finished and He’s not giving up on you now, not EVER! Fear NOTHING coming upon this earth for it is written we shall see fearful signs and great wonders in the heavens before The Lord comes. He IS coming. Do not waver. Do not faint. Do not back down. Do not flinch. Do not run. Do not hide. Stand bold as a lion ready to mount up with the wings of an eagle and soar far above this dying world. For heaven and earth shall pass away but His Word remains for ever and ever. Be diligent, watch, and pray. For the King comes at an hour we think not. Give your heart in full surrender unto The Lord Jesus Christ for now is the time to FIGHT!

© 2017 God Head Disciple Ministry

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