Through The Highlands Of Affliction We Are Raised Up


The highlands of affliction…

That’s where I came from!
Now I’ve been made a mighty warrior for Christ.
He has conditioned me in all ways:
Spirit, soul, mind, and body,
To withstand the hurricanes ahead
That will shake the world.
For God said,
He’s is gonna shake things up!
Everything that can be shaken,
The very foundations of all things,
Marriages, lives, finances, markets.
That’s why it seems things are out of control.
We gotta hold on tight here, Saints!
Hold fast to The LORD
Only God can get us through this.
His got His strongest warriors,
His most conditioned soldiers,
Out on the battlefield…
And Oh, let me tell ya something…
What happens in the spiritual realm
Manifests in the natural realm.
So the shaking going on in the world
Is a direct result of the spiritual shaking
Happening all around us.
Angels are warring against the evil one.
It’s a battle for our very souls!
Hold on just a little while longer.
The Lord will see us through this!
Surely He is coming for us soon.
Through affliction and pain
Through suffering and trial
This is where we are refined in His fire
It is in the deepest moments of tragedy
Where we are given the finest spiritual armor
The LORD will allow us to be taken
Prisoners of war in the enemy’s camp
As satan foolishly thinks, aha! I got them now…
The LORD looks down as He smiles and laughs
Little did the enemy know
What GOD’s master plan entailed
While he inflicted great sorrow upon our souls
While he caused us to cry out in travail
The LORD allowed us to be raised in affliction
In these highlands of pain we have been raised
All for the glory of The LORD in the end
For now we stand with our hearts set ablaze
Ablaze for The LORD Jesus Christ
Let us stand united in victory
For the devil is a defeated foe
We are The LORD Jehovah’s endtime army.
© 2017 God Head Disciple Ministry

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