Seek God First


📯Seek ye first the Kingdom of GOD📯
📯And His righteousness📯
Then shall all things be added unto you
🖤All of the desires of your heart🖤
According to His perfect will and promise
🌺For your life🌺
Don’t Lose your faith or trust in GOD
For His timing is perfect and is not our own
His timing is outside of time and space
He knows the perfect moment and place
We as humans tend to want what we want
◾️GOD sees what we want
◾️What our hearts desire
◾️And He sees that we may need that desire
◾️Further on down the road
◾️More so than we need it at that moment in time
◾️So He weighs the need according to time
◾️According to His perfect will for our lives
◾️And He will either grant that request
◾️Right then and there
◾️Or He will save it for a later time
◾️When we will need it more
💍So when searching for the love of your life💍
👑Leave that decision up unto The King👑
For He desires to dance with you for a while
Before He allows another to cut in
💍Dance with your King💍
Unto Him: let your heart sing
For He is the One with the perfect plan
He is the One with the perfect woman or man
💍Made just for you💍
This is what I have personally learned
Through trial and error:
🖤Awakening Love before it’s time🖤
Is not something healthy for our soul
🎵For in the Song Of Solomon it even decrees:
“Promise me, O women of Jerusalem,
Not to awaken love until the time is right.” SOS 8:4
I finally, after so long of a time,
Have gotten this love-thing right…!
🖤For I awakened Love far before it’s time🖤
And there is a steep price to pay that I’ve made
In the end it’s all worth the heartache and pain
But I say unto you:
◾️Save yourself this type of pain
◾️Listen to and heed to GOD’s commandments
◾️For when I finally said
◾️“Enough is Enough, I am done looking”
◾️When I finally stopped fishing
◾️And I began to solely chase after
💟 The heart of The Father 💟
◾️Seeking His Love and His face alone
💍That is when He let true love come in💍
To cut in on our divine holy dance
Now I have the man of my dreams as my husband
💍He is my love of this life💍
🌺No other before him could ever compare
🌺No-one can even come close
🌺My husband is the one GOD made just for me
🌺And he is by far the one I’ve loved the most
And the best part is…
🎵The dance has only just begun🎵
The ride of my lifetime is not over yet
So many more beautiful memories are to come!
📯Praise be to GOD📯
☀️The Father Of Lights☀️
For I lay snuggled in my husband’s arms this night
💦No more crying myself to sleep💦
💦No more sorrow in the night that seeps💦
💦No longer do I ache for sensual touch💦
🌟For GOD saw that it was good🌟
🔥To give unto one another, us.🔥

© 2017 God Head Disciple Ministry

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