Women of GOD, Wait!



💟 Women of GOD • Sisters In Christ 💟
Be still and know that you have a King Who is the lover of your soul. He is your Bridegroom, and the King of your heart. He desires so deeply to have an intimate relationship with you! He wants to dance with you! Take His hand and let Him take the lead. Let Him guide you round and around the ballroom floor, twirling you around every obstacle or trouble in your path. Allow Him to sweep you off of your feet and carry you through the deep waters onto higher ground. Follow His lead, and always remember that He is the One Who chose YOU for His Bride and He has purchased you as a pearl of great price! He wants a romance with your spirit, and He desires your heart to fall in love with Him. Allow Him to glide you through the dance as you follow His moves and footsteps. Become One with King Jesus, and sing unto Him in psalms! Serenade Him with your worship, and the gates of heaven’s embrace shall open up before you! Draw nigh unto Him and He shall draw nigh unto you.

💟 Take a step forward toward Him in faith knowing that He is calling out your name; He is bidding you to come forth, dear daughter of The Most High GOD. Trust in The LORD and rest under the shadow of His mighty wings. Be still and know that He IS GOD, and He will give unto you the desires of your heart according to His perfect will when you seek after Him FIRST! Seek His kingdom and His righteousness FIRST! THEN shall all of these things be added unto you! GOD knows what you will pray for before you even speak a word… and when you know not what to pray for, He shall pray for you! There is a plan for your life that He has written out long before the foundations of this world. So if you want all of the treasures and gifts of the kingdom of heaven to be opened unto you, reach out and take the keys which already belong to you! You are a child of royalty: A King’s Kid!
💧Recognize and know your identity in King Jesus💧
💧Walk in your authority in King Jesus💧
💍Wait upon The LORD and His perfect timing💍

2017© Copyright God Head Disciple Ministry

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