We are Thermostats

I have a gift as a husband.
Proverbs 18:22.

Husbands Devotion

We as husbands learn to see we can take our wives emotional temperature from across the room. Majority of the time in my case it is because of things that are done or said, that we begin to see how she responds emotionally. That is how a husband’s gift is used. We are to be aware of our bodies as man, we like to view ourselves a certain way and maintenance is needed to be aware of our condition. Likewise we do this with wives!

So when we see that she is hot, we tend to seek cooler climates. Now whether that is because of our mouths or of a situation that makes us uncomfortable is between you and God. This is a true fact for myself let me tell you. Unknowingly it’s an actual comfort zone for us men. Speaking for myself it seems to be an area that I go to to make sure I don’t make things “messy”. Now there is a difference is between having to make space and running to a comfort zone.

Let me just say that if we are intentionally unable to engage ourselves in a problem or situation because of fear then we are working in a comfort zone. Now we should know the difference between making space and operating in the character entitle of a husband. This is something I still to this day I must continue to have peel-back and have God revealed to me daily.

Here in Ephesians 5:28-29 Paul reminds me and says, “cherish our bride like we cherish our own bodies” Okay so now we have to look at ourselves. In order to cherish our wives we must first cherish ourselves. If we are struggling to find the things in our lives that we cherish about ourselves, then our relationship with God needs to grow. I pray that revelation will be brought to those who are in need of that specific thing.

Let’s begin to look at the word cherish in Greek (G2282) translated: Thalpo 1. To keep warm. 2. Cherish; with tender love to Foster with tender care. So cherishing something isn’t just having a passion for it but cherishing means to continually be in maintenance on that thing that you cherish. Putting this together if we cherish our bodies then we will maintenance it. This means if we are cherishing our life that God has given us then we are going to thermos it with care. We are going to set fire that thing so that through the fire it may become brighter better and stronger. Our wives in retrospect are like the jewels to our lives right? Then it is obvious that the body will be fostered with love by the husband.

We are to be the thermal blanket covering our wives when things are cold. When life around us is troubling, when things seem out of order, when promises are in no effect because of work then our gift is now needing to be wrapped in our love to warm them so that they can be the wives they are entitled to be.

Paul encourages us to cherish their emotional needs in the same way we cherish hours. In other words rather than being cold or upset we are called to cherish, or to engage rather than to shrink back. This word sheerest is an action word just like loe they are to go hand-in-hand with a marriage.

Do not let a tiny sliver or a stubbed toe make you unresponsive. Those little things are reasons to draw closer. Slivers of bitterness or frustration gets between us rather than initiate a moment to cherish. LOVE. Do not let it fester, the infection sets in and causes a poisoning affect.

Scripture: Colossians 3:19 husbands love your wives and be not bitter against them.

Encouragement: Husbands you have a gift to know your wife. She is a precious Jewel to your life. The gift is not only having her but to know her intimately and by reading her you will know how to cherish her today.


Copyright© 2017 God Head Disciple Ministry

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