Unconditional Love

Promises of God
1st John 4:9-10
Unconditional love

God always promises his unconditional love. Knowing god is one thing. Knowing his love is different. There is a line that even as a follower, that I cross from time to time. Taking away the element of what makes God simply but powerfully God, it is love.

God, in 1st John 4:9, paints the vivid picture of a desperate yearning for His creation. He honestly looks down at earth in love with His creation, and He hurts; deeply wounded by the affliction and sin oppressed on His vessels with hidden treasures. He sees so much potential, so many visions, dreams and inspirations snuffed out behind the magazine smartphone lifestyle. A few weeks crying out, not for attention, but for the missing part… we fail to see. It’s simple but takes wisdom, it’s His holy presence infiltrating our lives: powerfully changing our identity, thoughts and directions.

Could you imagine a world with absolutely no delusion anymore, but all peace and awesome direction from an almighty God? Prepare yourself for what is to come. His love makes that difference. It’s through His salvation plan Jesus Christ The Son: Yeshua the Messiah.

John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:1-10 are versus I’m going to focus on dealing with the promise of unconditional love along with others. In Ephesians 2:1, He quickens us the very moment we run into His arms. Now alive from trespassers and being brought back from the prince of the air, now our enemy (The devil) we are made new. We are new creatures in Christ. Being brought out of wrath with God’s rich mercy and His great love, He loved us, Ephesians 2:3-4.

He has by His love, seeing our dream potential on high, seated us in Heavenly places to use us for His glory. His creation is being made unto good works for we are His perfect workmanship, verse 10.

You see, because we are great works made by The Father, the enemy wants to destroy, dilute and send delusion. Galatians 4:4-6 speaks of the fullness of time. We have been brought to the fullest potential because we are redeemed by The Son and made new from Him no longer under law, so that we receive the adoption from The Father, saved by His grace through faith.

Being His children, we have His Holy Spirit within us in which we commune with Him, calling on to Him and crying out: ABBA Father. We are filled with His power, potential and love. God knows our weary thoughts, He sees the anguish we enter. He pains at these events, yet if we do not grow and undergo the temptations and trials God’s work in us does not increase for the kingdom. He desires increase in abundance.
He knows our passion and sees our limited strength.

Romans 5:6-8 Shares His will and love Romans 5:6 for when we were yet without Strength In due Time Christ died for us. While we seemingly searched for our purpose, place and position for Extraordinary things God created us for, He purposed Himself in position and in place for you and I because of love.

Encouragement: He is faithful and will have His bread by making new things rising from the ashes of a destructive Fire Within this world.

Challenge: Be known by your love that was first given to you share this to win souls

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