testimony-banner-01Godhead Disciple Ministry wants to encourage you to bring forth your testimonies. In which we are willing to not only connect with you and share your testimonies globally, but also see and share like ourselves the mighty work God has done in us and through us.

Let’s face it, we’ve all had to face some life afflictions. Some of us have had to go through the measures of grief, pain and discouragement. Some of us have had to deal with emotional wounds for years such as abuse, neglect and feelings that we could never truly imagine and yet describe.

Yet somehow because of the grace of God we’ve heard the message of Jesus Christ. Somehow the words of the Gospel infected the infection and it got into the infected heart that was afflicted for years. Finally there was a moment of relief; finally there was Clarity and freedom. Finally there was a testimony of a person of whom was created to do great things and great measures upon the world because God loved us.

The word says that we will be Overcomers by the word of Our Testimony and by the blood of the Lamb, for we do not love our lives to the death.

If you have been an overcomer and are conquering in your walk with faith in Jesus Christ and you want to share your testimony, be sure to follow us and reach us so that we can discuss sharing your testimony that can change the lives of others!

Do you want to make a difference? Would you like your light to shine in the world? We encourage you to email us @ godheaddiscipleministry3@gmail.com with your testimony of Faith and your acceptance of God Head Disciple Ministry to share it publicly.

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About walkofthespirit

Where one can find inspiration by truth and experience. Discovering the in and outs of the process within spiritual principles and what they mean to me in my life and personal relationship with God. A open-minded traveler designed to enlighten, as well shining the light in darkness where others may be blinded. Discipleship is a cost, it bares forth fruits worth baring. Jesus Is my Lord #GodHeadDisciple
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3 Responses to Testimonies

  1. Andi Garcia says:

    I have a few testimonies, if you’re interested.

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    • Andi, Yes this is a great idea. We are wanting to bring in truth in our own testimonies to inspire others to share theirs. You say your interested? That is amazing. What I ll have to ask of you is to simply send it to our Email with approval to bring it public under our Ministry. That is it. God Bless and Thank you so Much Keep us updated! Looking forward to seeing the Great Work Christ has done.

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