Enduring Temptation

The Promises of God:
Blessed Is The Man That Endureth Temptation

James 1:12

The test of life {our carnal nature} is the trial that reshapes and molds every born-again believer. It seems to be our makeup. Sometimes it seems that God purposely plagues us with unreasonable events that hinders our days, changes our emotions, and destroys our understanding in walking a journey with God.

However it may seem that way, yet it’s not likely so. God isn’t purposely making your life hard, He allows trials so that we learn to embrace for impact.

Knowing the enemy, you should see now why God has to equip us as His followers. We are His children He is our Father. It is simply our Father’s job to equip us and bless us. The last time I checked, the Word of God is in the business of blessing His people, not destroying them. God is for us, not against us!

James 1:12 tells us that we will be blessed by our trying times. This helps us picture our Father. So again, count it all joy when under various trials and tribulations. James 1:2. God’s hand is all over us in these times. The importance is that we see and notice His devotion to us in this regard. Gratitude seems to be the function we must reach out in.
We look back at the story of Job, And in chapter 5:17 He says “happy is the man who God correcteth”. So within God’s chastising we can be happy knowing God loves us as He shapes us for His kingdom. We have become vessels for our King to serve mankind.

God’s love is reflected through His unlimited grace and mercy, but also allowing us to grow. You see, God finds favor towards those who are attempting to grow. Being a wise Father, He knows we will be messy! Therefore grace and mercy are needed. (Great Fathering Advice!) Thank you Abba Father! He then has the right to challenge us. He then has a right to crown us worthy because we not only heed His instruction and His ways but endureth temptation. God is in control but He does not control you.

First Corinthians 9:24 tells us we are in a race – we are not running from temptation no, but temptation is the race. We are in it because we are in a fallen world. Being inspired by a falling concept the Word says contrary; we run to receive a prize and to run so that we may obtain it. This is our eternal burden since we’ve run under the blood of Jesus Christ.

We strive for a perfect work within us, mastering of the flesh and to be temperate in all things, First Corinthians 9:25. In reward of that, the promise we receive is an Incorruptible Crown. Our life in Jesus is incorruptible it is justified and righteous.
So run, by any means! By coming under subjection to the Holy Spirit disciplining our bodies to receive and endure, 1 Corinthians 9:27.

Now this brings me to the very promise of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 10:22:
After we have counted the cost so also in remembrance of this for His namesake we will also be hated, and who endureth to the end shall be saved!

Challenge: How hated can you be today by complete subjection to the Holy Spirit?

Encouragement: Be known by your love; be used by your experience; be inspired by your temptations; and be the FIRE for the world by enduring and burning for God!

Written By Daniel Byzewski copyright© God Head Disciple Ministry

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