An Eternity With The King Of Glory

I cannot wait to spend an eternity with YOU Jesus!
This life is all about finding our way
Back to the Creator, our Heavenly Father,
By finding You, Lord Jesus,
🌹For You are ONE🌹
This life is meant to be lived…
Looking forward to our eternity with You,
✝️💦And sacrificed💦✝️
So that the eternity with You
Will be the most beautiful and glorious
As it can possibly be.
🔥For heaven and earth shall pass away🔥
But Your Word shall remain forever and ever.
I want to live the rest of my days here on earth
For the life eternal I shall have with You…
For if I must sacrifice it all….
I know and understand
What that truly means, LORD:
And Your love is worth it.
I had someone say to me:
“What is the point living the only life we have…
Sacrificing all of the pleasures and riches
Of this world, for the next life?”.
The point IS so we will have our next life with YOU
🔥And not be cast away into hell🔥
To live in this world but not be partakers of it,
💎So that all of the riches and glory of heaven💎
💎And an eternity with the King of Kings💎
💍Will be ushered in and granted💍
I don’t want this world, Jesus:
💍I just want You💍
Thank You, Lord:
For showing me the Way, the Truth, and the Life:
The Light I have found in You!
🎵I shall sing songs unto You:🎵
Songs of gladness and thanksgiving
💟🔥Worshipping Your Holy Name.🔥💟

Roxanne Marie Byzewski © God Head Disciple Ministry

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