🔥Death And Life Are In The Power Of The Tongue🔥

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.🔥Proverbs 18:21🔥

◾️This is so important. Life and death we speak unto ourselves and unto others. We have the power to curse ourselves with our words and to curse others, that’s why Jesus warns about talking negatively about others – backbiting – and to love others as we love ourselves. WORDS. They are powerful!

◾️One little sentence we speak holds great power and meaning. When we talk about others behind their backs it does more damage to us than them, and it does hurt them especially when they find out. The wise know when others speak about them behind their backs, and the wise say nothing, instead they pray for that person in the name of Jesus Christ. It takes a strong person to do this as well, instead of confronting that person and making a big deal out of it, we are just supposed to pray for them. The situation may be resolved momentarily, but praying for them helps them even more because then GOD works in their life to bring forth a change in their hearts somehow, some way: He does it!

◾️Don’t talk about others behind their backs, don’t gossip. It’s not nice, and what’s the point? It’s actually infectious! The more one gossips about others unto others the more it spreads, and one can even cause others to begin gossiping of others if done continuously around them. Jesus also warns that backbiters shall not inherit the Kingdom of GOD. This is something I’ve personally had to work on, and I had to allow Jesus to come inside of my heart and just strip me down to the core so He could build me back up again anew. I ALWAYS used to gossip about others, make fun of others in the grocery store or wherever, I used to be not so nice at times. Jesus has really turned this heart of mine into the sweetness of His perfect love. I had to learn that what I was doing by talking about others all the time was in fact a horrible thing to do, growing up in a society that is highly outwardly judgemental from the eyes through the mouth in this generation… I didn’t even realize just how bad I really was at it!! Jesus really put me through His refiners fire multiple times to get this bad habit out of me! Now when I hear others talk about others behind their backs I am saddened for them and I can see reflecting back just how much of a backbiter I used to be and how much I hurt others with my words.

◾️I’ve always been a sweetheart of a girl, but girls in particular are mean and competitive towards one another! Our gossip spreads through our lips to sink the ships of others in school just to hurt or for popularity, and this, if not stopped, goes on into adulthood like an infection. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be nice, truly nice ~ doing unto others as we would have done unto us. 

◾️The things we say can give death and they can give life. We can speak positive about or to someone and uplift them, or we can speak negative about or to someone and totally destroy them. We can even speak self-curses upon ourselves by saying negative things to ourselves. Example: I’m worthless, no one loves me, I’m stupid, I’m fat, I’m ugly, etc… These things actually speak a curse infecting our spirits and can only be broken and undone by reversing the way we speak to ourselves. The same goes for the things we say about others. The curse can only be broken by the person who spoke it, by the power of GOD and the blood of Jesus. 

◾️Example: if we tell someone they are ugly, they may take us so seriously (depending upon how much they look up to us) that they believe they are ugly. This causes so much damage and pain. The same goes for speaking life unto someone, complimenting them, encouraging them. It uplifts their spirit and helps them to fly! I wasn’t aware that we could speak self-curses, or even of the fact that the curses we speak can only be undone by us through the blood of Jesus! No-one else can take that off of someone’s mind or heart but the one who spoke it upon them, calling upon the Name of The LORD!

☀️In conclusion, SPEAK LIFE!☀️

◾️Make it a point every day to say something nice to someone… and ask Jesus to come into your heart and clean up the mess the world has made inside of you and He will! It may take some time, but one day you’ll wake up and realize you’re made new and your heart is restored! He did it for me, so I know He will do it for you. He says “ask, and thou shalt receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you”. GOD also says “you reap what you sow”. These are all true, and we know them to be such. 

◾️Watch your tongue, LITERALLY, because the tongue is the greatest member of the body and has the power of life and death. So, speak life today, In Jesus’ Name!


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  1. Andi Garcia says:

    Message on point today!!!

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