Treasures of Our King

For what does it profit
To gain the whole world
But to lose your very soul…?
💎For we are treasures💎
🔥In earthen vessels🔥
Unto our Heavenly Father:
Much more valuable and precious
💎✨Unto Him✨💎
Than rare rubies and fine gold.
Knowing this,
I will sacrifice this life for Him
For He gave His life for me…
🌎Nothing in this world🌍
Is worth eternal death:
👑Eternal life with Him👑
💎Means more to me💎
All I know is I’m not home yet
This is not where I belong…
🌎So take this world🌍
And give me King Jesus
In HEAVEN is where I’ll be home.
Copyright© God Head Disciple Ministry 2016
Roxy Marie Byzewski

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