‼️Sin IS Lawlessness‼️

Death And Life In The Power Of The Tongue:

◾️God said that in the last days that because of the lawlessness that shall be abounding that the hearts and love of MANY shall wax cold. We are witnessing this around the world before our very eyes wherever we go! So much corruption, chaos, bitterness, deceit, murder, lying, back-biting, evil-doing, a pure hatred for God, wickedness, disease of the mind. These are all forms of lawlessness. GOD said that in the last days due to the great lawlessness that shall be abounding, the love of many shall wax cold. There is so much cold bitterness everywhere, it’s nearly impossible to walk one day without encountering it. Therefore we know that surely we are close to the coming of The LORD Jesus! We have been warned, it was spoken and written in His Word, and He is sending out messengers by the hundreds to spread the sealed words and hidden mysteries. He is speaking through His people as a channel, so that we who have been given spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear can recognize where we are in Bible prophecy and to know without a doubt that its time to step up to the plate and RISE!

◾️RISE IN CHRIST BOLDLY AND FIERCELY without backing down; standing firm upon the Rock of Salvation Who IS Christ Jesus our LORD:  against the enemy’s schemes, plots, and tricks. Be not ignorant of Satan’s devices, for he is the master of trickery!

◾️To the Body of Christ: Please seek King Jesus with all of your heart! Please do not tread lukewarm waters in these times. We know by the signs of the times that we are in the season of His return, therefore we must gird up our loins with His truth, which is His Word through the power and anointing of His Holy Ghost, and fully equip ourselves with our God Gear (Full Armor Of GOD), never letting down our guard. For the enemy Satan has been cast down with great wrath to do his worst among us until King Jesus comes for His Bride. The enemy is prowling the earth frantically, to and fro like a roaring lion seeking all whom he may devour! As a wolf in sheep’s clothing: the father of lies and master of deception, he only comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. SO BEWARE AND STAND GUARD! Pray without ceasing against spiritual attacks and to speak in your spirit language as often and as long as you can!!! The enemy cannot understand our tongues spoken from our spirit unto God. It is a GREAT advantage, so use it!! Our King needs us to be sober, to be diligent, and to WATCH.

◾️To anyone who is not saved in Jesus Christ and would like to be, now is the time to make things right and to come home to GOD: your Heavenly Father! The door to the Ark is nearly shut. It is nearly time for us to go home where we truly belong. I urge you with all of my heart to RUN TO KING JESUS NOW WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME and ask Him to be your Lord and Saviour and to wash you as white as snow by the Blood of the Lamb~to come into your heart. Do this, meaning every word with all of your heart, confessing with thy mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and the Son of GOD, that you believe that He died upon the cross for the sins of mankind so that we could have a chance at salvation and an eternity in heaven with our Father and our loved ones. He paid the price already for your sins; He died for YOU and ME. Accept Jesus as Messiah!! Do this as spoken above and you shall be saved. Also for scripture reference on being born-again In Christ, I refer you to read and confess Romans 10:9-10 with your whole heart.

◾️I have put together a more extensive video teaching series to accompany this message which is in three parts~so I hope that at least one lost soul or back-slidden sheep will find a piece of something missing that they’ve been looking for or have needed answers to. I am covering the power of the tongue as a member, for death and life ARE in the power of the tongue, so watch and be careful of what you say about people and what you choose to do always, and especially NOW in these times…THERE IS NO ROOM FOR PLAYING GAMES HERE! 

◾️Now is the time to STAND in CHRIST unified as one body. Scripture is covered in 2 Timothy, Romans, and Proverbs in this message. It is mainly to the Body of Christ that this message is for, but really it is for everyone, as all nations worldwide are about to be shaken and broken to their core. Will you be broken and fall into the traps and snares of the enemy by not loving thy neighbour but instead going behind their back to stab them? Or will you remain strong, steadfast, and unwavering In Christ, equipping your GOD Gear at all times, deflecting the enemy’s blows to triumph and obtain victory In Jesus? We have the power to speak life and death over anyone in our conversation, including ourselves. So be ever careful of what you say!


📍Attached below are the links to the 3-part teaching, done to accompany this message. God bless you, in the Name of Jesus Christ!




Roxy Marie Byzewski

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